She was born Marguerite Gingras in 1923 in the United States, daughter of a Franco-American mother and a pure Quebecer. She lived her early years in this great country that should have been hers. The Great Depression of 1929 decided otherwise.

Spurred by her mother, she enrolled at the École des Beaux-Arts in Montreal, an institution whose reputation was suspect at the time. She stood out for her personality, talent and interpersonal skills. This is where she met her future husband, Jean-Paul Ladouceur.

Their courtship took place with World War II as a backdrop, he, helping the war effort in Ottawa, she, finishing her studies in Montreal, . As an engagement gift, Jean-Paul illustrated for Margot a poem by Marie Noël which featured hand drawn calligraphy, pictures and illuminations. At the end of the conflict, they got married and settled in Hull, Quebec.

When Marguerite became Margot…