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    Drawing a Map


    Ladouceur sketches a map.
  • collage image title

    Hand Lettering


    Fernand Ménard, a friend of the Beaux-arts, a hand lettering specialist
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    Painting on Glass


    Ladouceur paints a glass plate for a multiplanar animation simulating depth.
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    Cut Paper Collage


    Ladouceur, makes an adjustment before sticking a piece in place.
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    The Final Touch


    A little touch up and everything falls in place.
During World War II, only radio could travel the airwaves. Print was king for general information. Whether as newspaper, book or magazine, printing was at the heart of all mass communications

However, cinema which married image with sound had reached a certain maturity since the thirties. Its popularity was very high despite the fact that film projection had very special requirements. It filled the niche television would occupy later. It had to offer popular programming, have it renewed weekly and aim at reaching the widest audience.

A typical cinema projection lasted at least three hours and featured a news summary, cartoons, public service announcements, sing along tunes before the main attraction… one or two feature lenght movies. Most films were foreign, either French or American but interludes, transitions and connections were edited locally. This was where the National Film Board of Canada excelled.

A Beehive