Although his work at the NFB occupied most of his schedule, his passion for drawing did not end when he left the office. In his spare time, Ladouceur would regularly use his watercolors to paint, either alone or with friends who shared the same talent.

Even if many of his paintings bear no date, on occasion a small 42, 43, 44, 45 ... allows us to situate their evolution. Jean-Paul liked sketching Hull's city streets, his adopted city. Sometimes, he would roam the countryside or walk along the Gatineau River.

Ladouceur surveyed the region where he lived, He was ifascinated by the telltale signs time left on buildings, by the legacy left by earlier generations. Many of Old Hull areas he painted are now gone, obliterated by urban development.

The works of this period had not yet the finesse of those that would come later. His mastery would evolve. In addition, refinements in watercolor, in pigments and in tools to paint with, would provide new creative possibilities.

Pursuing a passion