As an artist and a man of action, Ladouceur dreamed of shining a special light on Quebec's living figurative painters, by creating a prestigious book collection attesting to their talent. Following a meeting with Marcel Broquet, an established bookseller and publisher, he promoted the concept of a collection fostering Quebec talent called Signature. He settled for a square standardized format where pictures would be preeminent and biographic material sufficent to inform the reader. Drawing on his experience in art direction, he defined the general guidelines of the collection, its general graphic treatment and even drew its symbols and logos.
In appreciation for this work, the new collection honored him with its first title *Signatures LADOUCEUR* featuring his own watercolors, followed by a second installment *Signatures BLIER* idedicated to the paintings of Jean-Marc Blier (1921-1994). *Collection Signatures* provided an autoritative portrait of over fifty quebec contemporary artists since its inception.

Collection Signatures