When Ladouceur began this project, his health was shaky, but an intervention in the heart was to allow him to regain better health. The intervention was a half success and the expected benefits were not realized. On the contrary, the deterioration of his general condition accelerated. It is in this critical state that he performs this last work.

Forced to dialysis every three days to compensate for the insufficiency of his kidneys, he insisted on continuing the workshop-advice he gave to his workshop, while devoting himself to this demanding project. He chose to focus on the characters for whose image he was inspired by the students who attended his classes. He paints the dramatic scenes by drawing on his memory and experience ... He no longer had the strength to methodically document the places and scenes he intended to represent.

When we know the finesse and precision of his previous work, the images he produced are raw and intense. The superfluous details are absent but the essential is there, made without artifice other than color and a brush stroke just but counted, as if everyone brought him closer to the end of the last marathon. A few weeks after this last challenge, it was extinguished after having approved the proofs of this ultimate book.

Until the end