I am a figurative painter

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I am a figurative painter. Yet, even if my long studies and my parallel career have kept me in touch with the cutting edge of the arts community, I chose to be realistic artist. I have refused to engross myself in any "ism" to beg the subsidies of the high government authorities. I chose to earn my bread with my brush.

Unlike a certain elite, I refuse to gauge my love rating in inverse proportion to the number of buyers. I have an immense respect for the beautiful "hand" as formerly one admired "the beautiful penmanship". I respect those who have taken the time and made the effort to know their past, their traditions, their weapons and their tools.

I paint for the pleasure of the eyes. I do not like paintings that exist only if we have explain them at length. I have no quarrel with those who claim the exclusivity of a school or a style. I feel no scruple finding beautiful modern, sometimes insolent, works. I especially respect the plurality of expression.

Artists are said to be tolerant, to be at the forefront of human consciousness. Can we say as much of some art critics and official organizations that oversee the public dissemination of artistic expression ...

... I still believe in my naivete that a painting is an object of pleasure. I would have a hard time accepting each morning getting up to face a grotesque work even if it was worth millions. I can not accept that the so-called modern painting is confined to ugliness like this international biennale that has agreed to exhibit lacquered dog faeces ...

... I paint for the pleasure of the eyes, mine and those of others. I do not twist my guts. I do not seek thousands of explanations to justify the paintings I miss. I destroy them. I leave then my images that I want beautiful ... who are more or less, stand alone on the walls of those who share my pleasure. And I believe without pretending to bring some serenity to those who choose to bring me in their home.

Jean-Paul Ladouceur
Exerpt from L’artiste
originally published
in Magazin’art
around 1990