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memories that write history

He was barely 70 when his career ended. His brain was bubbling with ideas and projects for the next twenty years, unfortunately, he could not achieve as many of his fellow painters who still produce despite their eighty years well-honed. If he is no longer able to add new works to his balance sheet, his followers can trace the path he has traveled and measure the extent of what he has left.

The work will not be easy because big holes will always persist for anyone who wants to explore the longest episode of his pioneering television career. In fact, the documents and testimonies that remain from the first years of television on Radio-Canada are extremely rare. It's the same for the beginnings of Canal 10 and JPL productions. In the latter two cases, for economic reasons, the directors saw no interest in accumulating and preserving archives.

That's why the best-documented portion of his career is artistic creation. It is the thread that connects all the times of his life, sometimes thin and sparse, sometimes rich and bushy. Despite the fact that Ladouceur did not systematically keep track of his work - at one time he even cast drawings and sketches as soon as his work was done - he accumulated enough documents to testify to the extent of his accomplishments .

For those close to him who rely on these personal archives, the challenge has been to bring order to these diverse documents. Slides, books, videos, manuscripts, sketches, drawings, watercolors, this is the fuel that serves to maintain his memory. He feeds his admirers who twenty-five years after his death consider it worthy of memory. The urgency is less important now, the deadlines between the demonstrations are longer, his memory passes to history.
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As years pass…


  • The Jean-Paul-Ladouceur estate introduces the Jean-Paul Ladouceur Award to a promising watercolourist. It is offered every year at the Canadian Watercolor Society Show.
  • Presentation of the Jean-Paul Ladouceur Prize to Kiff Holland
  • The Laurier Museum of Victoriaville presents a retrospective exhibition of Selected Works by Ladouceur.


  • A selection of works from the retrospective exhibition Ladouceur, Oeuvre choisies is presented at the Laval Arts Hall.
  • The retrospective exhibition Ladouceur, chosen artwork, visit the Musée du Fjord at La Baie, Saguenay. • Presentation of the Jean-Paul Ladouceur Prize to Kiff Holland


  • The Vaudreuil-Soulanges Museum holds the exhibition L'oeuvre de Ladouceur in the edition.


  • The exhibition Ladouceur's work in the edition inaugurated during the Alma event, the watercolor in town continues during the summer period at the Alma Library.


  • The Ladouceur exhibition, artist and male orchestra, is the star attraction of the Mascouche City Painting Festival.


  • Canal D records and broadcasts several times a television biography, on Ladouceur, the man and the artist.


  • The Jean-Paul-Ladouceur estate is organizing an exhibition to mark the tenth anniversary of the artist's death at the Liliane Bruneau Villa des Arts in Ste-Agathe des Monts.

  • A selection of watercolors drawn from the archives of the Ladouceur succession illustrates the book Carnets de campagne and complements the texts of François Barcelo published by Les heures bleues.


  • Broquet publisher publishes a retrospective of Ladouceur's work in his new Signatures Collection.


  • The Regina Assumpta Cultural Center presents the Ladouceur exhibition and the DNA of talent.


  • The McGill Institute for Learning presents a lecture entitled Jean-Paul Ladouceur: multi-talented watercolourist.


  • At the invitation of the Watercolor Salon of Belgium in Namur, the estate exhibits two watercolors from his collection.
  • Her estate exhibits a watercolor at the 25th anniversary exhibition of the Institute of Figurative Arts (IAF)


  • Exhibition at the Museum of the Post Office Ladouceur | Travel Memories | sketch, notes and watercolors


  • Presentation of seven watercolors at the International AquaSept group exhibition at the Hôtel des postes museum in Victoriaville


  • Presentation of seven watercolors at the AquaSept International Group exhibition at the Pierre-Boucher Museum in Trois-Rivières.
  • The Quebec Cancer Foundation has chosen seven of its watercolors to illustrate its annual calendar (2014)


  • Presentation of two watercolors at the exhibition of the Institute of Figurative Arts (IAF) at the showroom Odyssey of the builders of Alma in Saguenay.